Cambridge Coding Summer School 2016 – Christmas Launch!


We’re super-excited to announce the launch of next year’s Coding Summer School! 

 Join us in July/August 2016 for an exciting one-week course that combines coding with an authentic taste of Cambridge University life.

Coding Summer School 2016 builds on last year’s sell-out event, with more coding activities, new tech labs and opportunities to learn from academic and industry experts in Cambridge.

Over five days, you will learn everything from game and web app development, to programming your own Instagram filters and music.  Through project-based activities, we give you hands-on coding experience and one-on-one support so that you build things right from the start.

Whether you’re new to coding, or looking to further advance your programming knowledge, learn how to bring your ideas to life and develop valuable skills you can apply to any subject, from design to science, music to maths. It’s an opportunity to do something different this summer, to gain skills that make you stand out and get ahead, and to experience what it might be like studying at the University of Cambridge.

Purchase the perfect Christmas present – limited Early Bird tickets for Coding Summer School 2016 are now available!

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