Data Science Resources: Exploratory data analysis & interactive figures with Plotly

25/05/16 Tech Lab: Exploratory data analysis & interactive figures with Plotly – by Charles Ravarani

As part of our series of Cambridge Coding Academy Tech Labs, this presentation supports our hands-on tutorial, on Exploratory data analysis and interactive figures using Plotly. https://github.com/cnjr2/eda_tech_talk

Exploratory data analysis (or EDA) is an effective technique to analyse data sets. It involves summarising data with descriptive statistics, then visualising data through plotting. Plotly is a useful plotting library that offers intuitive ways to display data and make it interactive.


If you are interested in progressing further with Data Analysis using Python, learn more at our Data Science Bootcamp: https://cambridgecoding.com/datascience-bootcamp


Charles Ravarani

Charles is a research associate at the MRC Laboratory of Molecular Biology. Since the time of his PhD in Computational Biology, Charles has been working with large-scale genomic datasets to build molecular models of gene expression noise that ultimately improve the efficiency of current drug treatments. In his research, machine learning techniques have proven very useful and he is keen to be involved in the wider ML community to learn about new techniques.

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