Data Science Tech Talk Series Launching in London

Join us for a series of Data Science Tech Talks exploring state-of-the-art techniques and their practical applications. We will be covering a wide range topics such as machine learning, reinforcement learning, computer vision, data visualisation and more.

These talks are free to attend, so register now to secure your place!

22 June 2016 – 7pm at THECUBE London

Evening Tech Talk – Lie detection with Computer Vision

This free evening talk will explore the fields of Deep Learning and Computer Vision, using lie detection from video as an example.

Register now:

28 June 2016 – 7pm at Digital Catapult London

Evening Tech Talk – An Introduction to Natural Language Processing

This Joint Cambridge Coding Academy and Digital Catapult Meetup will introduce you to Natural Language Processing (NLP) and its real-world applications.

Register now:


If you are interested in progressing further with Machine Learning and Data Learning, learn more at the Data Science Bootcamp in Python.


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